Trust in US Solid Carbide Carbide End Mill Manufacturers

Trust in US Solid Carbide Carbide End Mill Manufacturers

by Anthony Williams on September 14, 2022


When it comes to cutting tools like end mills, solid carbide options will always outperform other tool materials. If you're looking for the best tools for your machining shop, buying from reputable solid carbide end mills manufacturers will ensure that you're getting tools that are built to last.

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End mills are incredibly useful tools. Many milling applications will necessitate the use of various specialized end mills. Precision is critical, especially when producing custom components, so selecting the best tools is critical. End mills must be able to withstand the high speeds of machining without losing their sharp edges.

When steel tools get too hot, they can lose their temper and soften. This can lead to the cutting edges degrading rapidly. Tools from quality solid carbide end mills manufacturers can help your shop combat these end mill based issues. Carbide is far more rigid than steel, making it ideal for end mill manufacturing.

Carbide end mills will also oscillate far less than their steel counterparts, helping to provide accuracy when machining. At high speeds, end mill oscillation can lead to tool chatter and it can cause unsightly marks on the work surface.

The fact that carbide is a composite material made by combining a binding metal and ceramic powder is why it is so well suited as a tool material. Tungsten carbide, a powdered ceramic material composed of tungsten and carbon, is the "carbide" component of these tools. Powdered carbide is a useful powdered material in its own right for grinding aggregate and other commercial applications.

To make tool carbide, small granules of this ceramic material are introduced to cobalt metal in the same way that aggregate is added to concrete. The resulting material combines metal's resilience and flexibility with ceramic's density and resilience. Using specialized, ultra-hard grinders, the material can then be ground into the final shape of the end mill.

One mistake that a lot of people make when looking for end mills is that they don't find the right solid carbide end mills manufacturer. Many US-based tool companies are distributors and not manufacturers. Tool distributors typically sell tools crafted overseas at a markup. These tools often suffer in quality due to lax QI standards and material qualities.

The best way to know you're getting quality tools is to work with a domestic manufacturer. These companies are actually performing the task of grinding their tools domestically and selling them direction to their customers. When you buy US made tools, you know that they were made to the precise specifications and with strict quality standards.

If your shop requires strong and accurate end mills, you should consider ordering from a reputable solid carbide end mills manufacturer. Online Carbide is a tool manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in high-performance drill bits and end mills. Their product line includes center drills, spot drills, stub drills, jobber drills, and other tools. All of their products are available at manufacturer direct pricing, allowing you to save money on high-quality tools for your shop. To view their entire catalog, go to


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